Roles and Responsibilities

Roles, Responsibilities and Evidence of Learning

When you sign up for any of our services you commit to be our learning and development partner. Your partnership role comes with its responsibilities as highlighted by our five standards below:

Standard 1
You strive to meet all course requirements and embrace our standardised procedures.
Standard 2
You actively participate in the planning and assessment processes of your course.
Standard 3
You fully embrace your primary role of being a candidate, regardless of your qualifications, position in society and job title. Our relationship with you is that of a candidate and provider.
Standard 4
You seek assistance and support whenever you require it.
Standard 5
You take ownership and responsibility of your own learning. You will be expected to be fully active with your own learning and utilise any learning opportunities available. You understand it is your responsibility to ensure all your evidence should be sufficient, current, authentic, appropriate, reliable and fully meet the assessment criteria. Your work should reflect the level descriptors of your qualification. Level 2’s are assessed at the same level as GCSE/ Level 3 at A-Level standard. Level 4 at the same level as the first year of an undergraduate. Level 5 will be assessed at the same level as a second-year undergraduate.

You are also required not to make any assumptions that your assessor knows the argument you want to make. You have to be clear and articulate. In return, we guarantee to support you until you achieve your qualification as long as all course requirements are met within agreed timescales.