Online Forums /Learning Logs and Guided learning hours

Introduce your self, respond to topics and utilise the online forums
as a source of support and to achieve guided learning hours. The forums and the web conferences are the main source of the course delivery where you are also expected to meet the criteria.

The Guided learning hours can be met by attending workshops, tutorials, observations
and any other interaction with course staff. Guided learning
hours are only met when you interact with a member of staff.

Candidates who are unable to use the forums will need to pay to be assessed by learning Logs.You will need to complete at least two learning logs per week which you will need to be submitted to your assessor on a weekly basis during the course duration. The charge for this optional assessment activity is £180.

We would rather, you did not pay for this optional assessment method and instead utilise the forums and benefit from peer feedback and support from our team of assessors!

Please remember the course is not just about completing coursework. The course is made up of learning Outcomes.You will therefore need to demonstrate that learning has taken place over a sufficient time. You will need to focus on both participating in course activities and completing course work. Assessors might not assess your work if you do not participate in course activities. Our moderators will not sign off any candidate who has not satisfactory met their guided learning hours and participated in course activities. We will not risk our Centre Registration and compromise our current and past candidates.
Remember the assessment criteria is made up of learning outcomes! You
need to show that learning has taken place! you have completed this
essential part of the course.