Communication and Assessment Centre

Communication and Assessment Centre

CAC formerly known as Exchange is the heart of all interactions with your assessor. Candidates who enrolled prior to January 2019 should click on “Cohort One”. Anyone who enrolled after January 2019 should click on “Cohort Two”. You will need to use this part of the site to submit your coursework and communicate with your assessor. The system will also record all your interactions which will assist to evidence learning.

Submitting your work

We require you to submit your coursework through the Communication and Assessment Centre. You will need to attach your work as part of a new discussion or comment. The system will allow you to submit up to six items. The attachments should not be more than 20MB.

The procedure to submit your work is as follows:

1]Open a new discussion

2]Input the title of the discussion. This should be the name of the course work such as “Task 1”, “Assignment 1” or “Question 4”.

3]Type a message to your assessor which could be a description of the work you are submitting.

4]Ensure you click notify users before submitting to your assessor. You should be able to see a confirmation located at the top right-hand side of your screen. Your assessor will not get an alert if you fail to click on notify users. This will result in delays getting a response.

Please do not upload files directly to the files area of the Communication and Assessment Centre. Your work should only be submitted only as part of a discussion or comment as highlighted above.
submit your work

To submit big files, please visit the following web page: This will allow you to submit files up to 5 Gig. Our wetransfer email is “”.

All videos should be submitted as MP4. All audios should be submitted as MP3. All assignments should be submitted as word documents or pdf.
CAC also has features of allocating tasks which you can use to set your own goals and targets. We usually allocate some tasks at the beginning of your course as part of the enrolment and induction process. Your assessor or admin staff can also allocate you some tasks to set smart objectives.

Currently, any forms that are required to be completed as part of your initial tasks can be accessed from your course under “Getting Started”. They will be highlighted in green.
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Ongoing Discussion

When you are having dialogue about an ongoing task, please use the comment feature instead. You need to ensure you also click on notify all of tick the name of your assessor before submitting your response.

Issues with the Communication and Assessment Centre
Whenever you encounter issues with using the Communication and Assessment Centre please try changing your web browser. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari should all work fine. If this persists try another computer or different network. Some employers tend to block access to some aspects of our software.

If your issue is to do with attachments, please try an alternative file format such as pdf. Please email our admin team ( if you contain having issues with the Communication and Assessment Centre. Please ensure you fully explain the issue you are experiencing in order for us to diagnose and come up with a solution.