Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions form a legal Agreement
between you and Vocational Learning.

These Terms and Conditions apply to the use
of our Web site ,any other web site used as
part of your course and your use of our general
services. We expect you to read these terms
and conditions carefully. If you do not agree
with these Terms and Conditions, you may not
use our Web sites, services or book on any
of our courses.

By actually booking or using our services,
you understand and agree that we will treat
your use of the Services as acceptance of
our Terms from that point onwards. By submitting
your booking request you are offering to enter
into a contract for training. We will automatically
send you an email or other written acknowledgement
confirming that we have received your request.

However, we reserve the right to reject any
booking request we receive particularly when
there is evidence the learner will not be
able to meet the assessment criteria of the
course they are interested in? A contract
will only be formed when you have been given access to our resources and allocated an assessor.

We do not store credit card details nor do
we share these with any 3rd parties. Vocational Learning complies with all applicable
legislation such as the Data Protection Act
1998, Equality Act 2010 and Health and Safety
Act 1974.

We reserve the right to email you or send messages during the day and night as we seek to serve a global audience with different time zones. This particularly applies to courses delivered by distance or blended learning.

You consent that some telephone calls may be recorded for training or quality assurance purposes. You also consent that should you sent carbon copies of any emails to other parties we reserve the right to also include these parties when we reply or send any further correspondence to you.

Where you have not signed our learner agreement you agree that once you access any of our services or have been assessed this will be treated as consent and acceptance of our terms.

Our Web sites

The Terms will continue to apply
until terminated by Vocational Learning.
We will not be liable for any delay or failure
in performance or interruption of the delivery
of the Content of our web sites resulting
directly or indirectly from any cause or circumstances
beyond our reasonable control.

Use of Services

1] In order to access certain Services, you
may be required to provide information about
yourself (e.g. identification or contact details)
as part of the registration process for the
Service, or as part of your continued use
of the Services. If a company booking has
been made, all learners or their representative
should ensure we have their contact details
to allow commencement of assessment. Some
information such as email addresses are very
essential for setting you up on our e-learning

2] You agree that any registration information
you give to Vocational Learning will
always be accurate, correct and current. It
is your responsibility to ensure your details
are up to date including emails as these will
be used to maintain communication with you.
After completion of your course, we will send
your certificate to the address you or your
representative has supplied.

3] Unless you have been specifically permitted
to do so in a separate agreement with Vocational Learning, you agree that you
will not reproduce, duplicate or copy, or
sell, trade, resell or otherwise commercially
exploit, any of our resources and Services,
or any part for any purpose.

4] You agree and understand that you are responsible
for maintaining the confidentiality of passwords
associated with any account you use to access
our Services. For the avoidance of doubt,
you agree that you will not share, disclose and permit any other
person to use your account or password to
access our services without our permission. Accordingly, you agree
that you will be solely responsible for all
activities that occur on your account.

5] We reserve the right to modify or withdraw
temporarily or permanently this Web site or
any resources with or without notice to you.
The information, material and services provided
on the Web site are provided on an ‘as is’
and ‘as available’ basis. Although every reasonable
effort has been made to ensure that the information
and material on our Web site was complete
and accurate at the time of publication, it
is subject to variation at any time without
notice and we give no warranty whatsoever
that any information or material on the Web
site will be accurate or complete at any particular
time or at all.

We shall not be liable for
the content of or any omissions from the Web
site, including any inaccuracies, errors or
misstatements in the data available. We do
not commit to ensuring that the web site remains
available or that the material on the web
site is kept up-to-date. We will not be liable
for any loss or damage arising out of any
event or events beyond our reasonable control.
This includes weather conditions,strikes,natural
disasters or terrorism events.

None of the materials pertaining
to our events and courses is intended to constitute
financial, legal or professional advice. You
should therefore not rely on advice given
in a learning environment which should always
be treated as hypothetical. You are encouraged
to seek appropriate advice.

6] You must abide by all applicable laws and
regulations in connection with your use of
our Web site and our services.

7] You agree not to impersonate
any other person or entity or to use a false
name or a name that you are not authorised
to use when using this Web site and any or
our services.

8] We have not reviewed any of the sites that
may be linked to this Web site and are not
responsible for the content of any linked
pages or other sites linked to this Web site.
We have no responsibility or liability arising
from the content of any linked pages or link
sites or for any error, defamation, omission,
obscenity or inaccuracy contained in any information

We will not be liable to you for any damage
to or loss of data, loss of profit, anticipated
profits, revenues, anticipated savings, goodwill
or business opportunity or for any special,
indirect or consequential loss or damage howsoever

9 ] You must not use our web site in any way
that causes, or may cause, damage to the web
site or impairment of the availability or
accessibility of the web site; or in any way
which is unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or
harmful, or in connection with any unlawful,
illegal, fraudulent or harmful purpose or

10] You must not use our web site to transmit
or send unsolicited commercial communications
this includes marketing without our express
written consent. Access to certain areas of
our web site is restricted. We reserve the
right to restrict access to areas of our web
site and services at our discretion.

11] If we provide you with a user ID and password
to enable you to access restricted areas of
our web site or other content or services,
you must ensure that your user ID and password
is kept confidential. We may disable your
user ID and password at our sole discretion
without notice or explanation.

12] Upon registering with Vocational Learning, once you receive confirmation and/or
an invoice you will be liable to pay the full
amount reflected on the invoice. Your booking
or invoice will be cancelled if payment is
not received within five days. This does not
apply if alternative payment terms have been

13] You provide consent that your information
may be shared with interested parties if there
is a risk to your self and others. You also
agree that your information may be shared
with significant others such as awarding and professional bodies ,regulators,
learner records services, employers and during

14] You accept that from time to time you
might be assessed by a trainee under the supervision
of qualified staff.

15] Vocational Learning do not accept
responsibility for complaints arising from
possible food poisoning or allergies and all
such complaints should be addressed or directed
to food providers. This only applies when
food is provided.

16 ] While Vocational Learning endeavours
to ensure reasonable safety and security at
our events and courses, it must be understood
that all parties attending do so at their
own risk. We will not be held responsible
for injuries that may be incurred as a result
of attending an event or course where the
circumstances are outside of our control.
However, nothing in these terms and conditions
or any other terms of Vocational Learning seeks to exclude liability for death
or personal injury resulting from Vocational Learning’s negligence.


1] We aim to support all our candidates. Each candidate is allocated an assessor who is their first point of contact and primary source of support. We also operate a tutorial system where candidates can request support for further support. Candidates can also get support with their work by completing Assignment Planners where they can get guidance before they can fully tackle any assignment.

There are other sources of support such as face to face workshops, forums where candidates can benefit from both peer and support from other course staff besides their allocated assessor. Our office staff can also provide general support. In return we expect you to utilise all these methods of support. We will not accept any claims of lack of support from Vocational Learning if there is clear evidence you have not fully utilised all support provided.


2]You agree that you will work
hard to ensure you complete your course within
the specified time period. You agree
that you will be actively involved in the
assessment process of your course. You are
expected to utilise all the support available
such as web conferences and workshops. It is your responsibility to ensure you fully take part in induction and course activities.You are responsible for your own learning. You should therefore take ownership and ensure your conduct on the course is in line with the QCF level descriptors and meet course requirements.You consent that you may be requested by the assessor or moderator to participate on some course activities in order to address any learner needs.

You will
be required to follow the assessment plan
and directions given by your assessor. It
is your responsibility to ensure you make
the necessary arrangements to facilitate assessment
within your work place (where applicable). Your assessor can also request you to attend workshops or participate on forums as part of addressing any needs you might have especially if you are struggling!
If you do not follow the assessment
plan or directions given by Vocational Learning, you might incur delays with your feedback
and future assessment. If your actions are
deemed deliberate and unreasonable by a member
of the internal quality assurance team,you
might be withdrawn from your course for lack
of progress or failure to meet course outcomes
or any bench mark in place such as failure
to adhere to applicable code of practice.
We reserve the right to charge you for any
future assessments if you deliberately do
not follow the feedback and guidance given by your assessor
as you will be creating extra work.

by Portfolio

3] If your course is assessed by portfolio,it
is your responsibility to ensure you submit
your work as a portfolio otherwise your work
will be rejected and you will miss any internal
or external moderation. You should submit
your work following the portfolio index provided. It
is important for your portfolio to be presented in
a clear format that will allow tracking and
auditing of your work. If you want us to post
your incomplete work back to you, admin and
postage charges will apply. Candidates are responsible for tracking their evidence. Guidance can be provided by course staff.


4] If you remain inactive or have not completed
any assessment for at least eight weeks, your assessor will be withdrawn.
A reinstatement fee will apply. This fee does not apply if you qualify for exemption under our extenuating circumstances policy. The fee does not apply if you had formally notified us of your absence.

If you have not participated
in any activities for 15 weeks, without making any contact we reserve the right to withdraw you from your course. Your
registration with the awarding body might also
be withdrawn. This does not apply
to learners who are exempted under our
extenuating circumstances policy, notified Vocational Learning Officially or been granted an extension.

and QCF Requirements

5] If you book on any of our distance or
blended learning courses, you agree that a
proportion of it would be by e-learning. It
is your responsibility to ensure you have
access to a multi-media computer and internet.

If you are enrolled on a blended learning course the primary course delivery is by web conferences, face to face workshops,forums (or learning logs) and tutorials. A reading list is also provided. The Elearning System also contains supplementary course resources to aid your learning. It is
your responsibility to access and follow any of the activities highlighted above as they also
count towards Guided Learning Hours (GLH).

It is also your responsibility to access your e-learning
account where course messages will be posted.
The management and assessment team will issue
notices ,deadlines and any course information.
All communication will be dated and considered
to have been passed to the learner once posted on our elearning portal. Vocational Learning will not accept
any responsibility and excuses from learners
who fail to access their e-learning account
and subsequently do not access any communication.

and Workshops

6] You are required to attend scheduled workshops
and micro-teach sessions you have booked on.
If you have missed your booked session,a re-booking
fee may be applicable and priority will be
given to candidates who have originally booked
on the next session which you wish to attend.
We also reserve the right not to reschedule
any micro-teach or workshop if it is not cost effective.

1] We are committed to ensure
standards are maintained to preserve the integrity
of vocational qualifications we deliver. We
are aware with emerging technology there are
now possibilities of remote assessments. Use
of technology is highly encouraged but this
does not have to affect the quality of assessments
or your evidence. All evidence will be tested
for currency, reliability and currency. If
this is not possible then the evidence will
not be accepted. Learners should ensure they
arrange for their assessor to observe them
for competency courses. If other evidence
is going to be used, this will need to be checked
for authenticity. Your assessor should be
given contact details of any witnesses. Please
note there might be an expectation for expert
witnesses to hold certain qualifications or
experience. Expert Witnesses will be expected to complete our Expert Witness form or forward their CV and certificates to support their occupational competency status.

You should also show evidence that you have
sought permission if you are using your employers
or any third party resources. Consent should
also be sought from service users, learners
and any relevant stake holders. Your assessor might reject any work product evidence you have if you are unable to prove permission has been granted by your employer or any relevant partners.

You are also encouraged to concentrate
on quality evidence instead of quantity. Your
work should fully meet the criteria. There
is no guessing or assumptions that the assessor,moderators
or any other reader knows and understands
your work. You are expected to work at the
level you have enrolled on. Level 2 under
the QCF is considered equal to GSCE’s. Level
3 is considered equal to A-levels while level
4 and level 5 are equivalent respectively
to the first and second year of an undergraduate
degree. Your work is therefore expected to
demonstrate some research and analytical thinking.
Referencing should follow the Harvard Referencing

2] Vocational Learning is committed
to continuously improve our services. We are
audited by external bodies and also carry
out standardisation activities to improve
our courses. We do strive to implement the
latest evidence based practice and also respond
to feedback from our candidates, assessors, internal and external verifiers or from
the industry sector. As a result from time
to time, we adjust the structure of our courses.
If you enrolled a while back and have not
completed your course during your normal course duration ,your work will be assessed
and internally moderated according to any
new changes. You might find your self with
new responsibilities and asked to complete
additional work. You are encouraged to follow
your original assessment plan and complete
your course as scheduled to avoid this happening
to you!

We reserve the right to withdraw any candidate
who behaves inappropriately from their course.
Serious incidents will be reported to the
police, awarding body, employers, other relevant
bodies and might result in litigation. You
are expected to adhere to our equal opportunities,
inclusion ,health and safety, data protection
and academic policies. Unreasonable behaviour
includes libelous claims, unjustified actions designed to damage our business and reputation, being abusive, passing rude remarks, shouting ,non compliance of quality assurance procedures, refusing to follow the assessment process and failure to follow
our terms and conditions.

You are not allowed to film or record any of our teaching sessions without permission. Doing so will result in a breach of contract. Vocational Learning reserve the right to withdraw you from the course or to instigate any disciplinary measures in place?
If your behaviour is considered
as harassment, libelous, undermine the assessment
and quality assurance process ,we reserve
the right to stop any communication with you while we instigate any of our policies.
We have a zero tolerance towards extreme unreasonable
behaviour. We will not hesitate to withdraw
you from the course especially if you are
enrolled on a course where you are expected
to demonstrate professional behaviour and respect for others.

Learners on placement are expected to behave
like any of our employees. This includes where
we have facilitated candidates for the learner
to assess as part of their course. Vocational Learning reserves the right to withdraw you
from the placement for any behaviour not normally
expected from an employee of the company.

Learners are encouraged to claim their
portfolios within 60 days after external moderation
has taken place. Unclaimed portfolios will
be disposed of securely at the end of the
60 days. We will post any certificates to
the address you have provided during booking.
It is your responsibility to ensure you inform
us of any change of address.

1] In any case where the trainee has not
paid, or for example has other outstanding
payments, we reserve the right to refuse entry
to any of our events. We also
reserve the right not to assess your work or pass any information about registration, assessments and moderation. Please note, that you might be expected to pay at least 50% of your course fees to be fully registered as a candidate.

2] Once we have received your booking and
payment, we then send
you a confirmation email. When you receive
this confirmatory e-mail, a contract between
you and Vocational Learning is formed.
Please see Clause 27 about your statutory

3] The price of any Courses will be as quoted
on the Web site from time to time, except
in cases of obvious error. This Web site contains
a large number of Courses and it is always
possible that, despite our best efforts, some
of the Courses listed on the Web site may
be incorrectly priced. We will normally verify
prices as part of our registration procedures
so that, where the correct price of any Courses
is less than our stated price; we will charge
the lower amount. If the correct price of
the Course is higher than the price stated
on the Web site, we will normally, at our
discretion, either contact you or reject your
booking and notify you of such rejection.

4] Prices are liable to change at any time,
but changes will not affect bookings already accepted and processed.

5] All credit/debit card payments
are subject to validation checks and authorisations
by the card issuer. If the issuer of your
payment card refuses to or does not for any
reason authorise payment to us, we will not
accept your booking.

6]It is your responsibility
to ensure all course fees are paid. If you
are paying by installments and have not made
all your payments according to your installment
plan, we reserve the right not to assess or
moderate your work or process certification
until full amount of the course is paid. We
also reserve the right to charge an additional
admin fee equal to 10% of the initial course
fee for adjusting your agreement and setting
up new payment terms.

If any fees are outstanding
you remain a debtor until all fees are paid
in full. As a debtor we reserve the right
not to claim your certificate from the awarding
body, provide any official confirmation of
your assessment, moderation ,results and feedback.

Due to a high number of bad debts we now expect payment for our services from companies and organisations up front. We also reserve the right to pass
all debts to a collection agency that will
charge additional administration fees and
interest if you ignore our requests for payment.
They may also add further County Court costs
which might affect your credit rating in the

Please note that even if you
choose not to continue with the course at
any time the whole amount is still due as you will have entered into a legally binding
contract to pay the full amount. We are a
very understanding learning provider ,so if
you are experiencing financial difficulties
why not call us and work on some workable
arrangement instead of allowing the debt to
be passed for collection?

You are entitled to access our policies such as Complaints and Appeals if you feel our standards have fallen short. You can find out about our complaints procedure from your learners handbook. You will be expected to follow and exhaust the various procedures starting with all internal stages before moving to external stages. If you decide to bypass our internal procedures you might jeopardise any support that is available to you. Any time scales that are stated as part of our procedures will not apply. We reserve the right to consult third parties such as awarding and professionals bodies as part of our quality assurance procedures.

Cancellations and Refunds
by the Trainee

1] All awarding body fees are non-refundable
should you cancel your place. There might
be partial refund excluding any applicable
registration, administration and service charges.
If you do not enroll face to face, your statutory
right allows you fourteen
working days to cancel.

To cancel please
send a written request by recorded post or Open a Ticket by visiting our Contact Centre. The 14 days starts from when
you express an interest in our services. Your cancellation
rights end after you have booked on the course, accessed our resources, downloaded any materials, completed some course
work and participated on any course activities.

You should cease using any of
our resources. Physical course materials must
be returned within 14 days of your written
request. You are free to cancel your booking
and withdraw yourself from the course any
time. This can be an individual choice or
choice made on your behalf by anyone who would
have funded your course.

Vocational Learning
will not grant refund requests outside the
legislative period or when you do not have any cancellation rights. There are no exceptions
as once the 14 days have lapsed we would have
engaged in some planning, administration
and at times assessment activities.

If we decide at our discretion
to refund part of your payment we will consider
a number of factors including evidence of
providing support, any communication that has taken place , administration, any downloads,
access of digital resources, posting of resources
and access to our copyrighted materials?

As a rough guide, a service charge
of £400.00 will then apply for access and use of
our resources. We also reserve the right to charge other fees to cover any other expenses and admin costs. We also reserve the right to charge you 35% of the market selling price of our course resources instead of the service charge if you have accessed our course resources for 30 days or more. Administration charges start from £16 per hour.

Vocational Learning understands that our
learners are also customers. We respect Consumer
Rights and will refund or compensate where
our service have fallen short. You will however
need to follow any of our grievances policies
such as Complaints and Appeals which are highlighted in the learner handbook.

We sometimes provide a discretionary refund. A discretionary refund is not an entitlement. Where we have given a discretionary refund,you understand that you are not entitled to know how we have decided on the amount given. You have no right of knowing what we pay to our staff or contractors? Discretionary refunds are given by the company as goodwill and should not be a basis of any complaint or litigation!

No Show
and last minute cancellations

2] No shows and last minute cancellations
cost money including traveling, venue booking,time,wages
for the assessor/s and sometimes hotel fees.
It is also worthwhile to remember majority
of our courses are popular and involves a
number of variables and resources which will
be difficult to organise again. There will also
be a probability that we would have turned
away another candidate. As a result anyone who
does not turn up or cancels within 24 hours will not receive any refund. A penalty charge might also be applicable.

Changes and Cancellations
by Vocational Learning

3] Our events/training courses are constantly
updated and improved. We reserve the right
to alter any of the content without prior
notice. You will however be given a transition
period where you are expected to continue
with your current assessment procedures till
a specified date. If you have not been able
to complete your course work and the date
lapses you are then expected to follow the
current procedures.

4] We also reserve the right to cancel an
event or training course at any time without
liability. In these circumstances, we will
offer an alternative date, a credit note or
a full refund.