Recognition of prior learning

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is the first assessment method we look forward to implementing when you enrol.

All candidates interested in applying for prior learning assessment should do so at the earliest opportunity (beginning of the course as soon as possible).

As part of the assessment, assessors apply the test that checks on authenticity, reliability, efficiency, and currency. They will also refer to the course specification, awarding body guidance and our standardisation requirements.

We usually accept evidence of practice that has taken place within 6 months from your enrolment. Your assessor, however, has the final say regarding what is acceptable or not.

Credit Transfer
Credit transfer is usually acceptable when you have a certificate that demonstrates you have already met part of the course.

Older Qualifications
We usually accept older qualifications as long as they are at the same level and included similar content as your enrolled course. We however have to ensure you fully demonstrate and meet all the learning and assessment criteria. You might be required to participate in additional assessments and demonstrate current practice as part of recognition of your prior learning.

Please click here to apply for recognition of prior learning