Quality of work

Quality of Work

In order to apply for certification for all your hard work we need to ensure your evidence is fit for purpose. Your evidence has to be authentic (proof it is your work), sufficient (meets all learning outcomes and assessment criteria), reliable (presentable at the expected level of the course) and current (up to date).

You, therefore, need to ensure your evidence meets the above principles when completing your coursework. Please do not waffle or use long introductions. Get to the point and start addressing the assessment question as soon as possible. Remember we are after quality not quantity.

Quality of Sources
Definitions will require references from reputable sources. Please stay away from Wikipedia and dictionary references. References from sources such as the Department of Health and United Nations will be fantastic.

Demonstrate Practice
Where you are required to demonstrate practice you need to identify dates and times. It should be easy to verify your evidence.

You should ensure you maintain confidentiality at all times. Please do not include personal details of your clients as part of your evidence. You should also not include sensitive business information.

Presentation of your work
Your course comes with a standardised coursework template. This will allow you to input your name, page numbers and identify your course.

If you choose not to use the template ensure all pages of your work should have your name, course title and page number.

We require candidates to use Arial font, size 11 and 1.5 spacing. Where you have a corporate font or prefer another font subject to your needs please feel free to use it and maintain the same text size and spacing.

When completing any coursework please copy and paste the full assignment brief of the course work at the beginning before your response. This is critical as your assessor will make an assessment decision based on the task you have highlighted.

Please note, we reserve the right to revise any of your coursework briefs at anytime inline with our quality assurance procedures.