Portfolio of Evidence Guide

All our courses are assessed by a portfolio of evidence, which you have to compile. Each course will have a Portfolio Index, which you should use as a guide when compiling your portfolio.

As part of standardisation and storage procedures, we do not accept Lever Arch portfolios and other forms of ring binders. The appearance of your portfolio should not stand out among others. You should file your work in a black PVC folder with 4 D rings. The 4 rings help to secure your work better compared to other forms of binders and folders.We have rejected some portfolios which arrived for moderation broken or as loose papers.

Your work will be rejected if you have not followed our standardised procedures. Only candidates who have been requested by their assessor to submit their prior learning evidence in its natural state will be exempted from these strict procedures.

Ring Binder and Dividers

You need to use a black 4 D rings PVC portfolio. These can be purchased from Staples, Rymans or any good book stores. Candidates completing the Assessor, IQA, Cleat will need a 40mm ring binder. Candidates completing Dieat, Dtlls and the competency based diploma’s will require a 50mm ring binder.

You need the following three resources before downloading any of the paper work to get started. Candidates who attend workshops or visit our Training Centre will be given the three resources including all portfolio documentation printed from Etutor. We can post this folder to you as long as you cover the postage costs.

a] A Black PVC 4D ring binder:

b] A pack of dividers numbered 1-12. All our courses except bespoke and qualifications made of one unit have 12 sections. You can get get these cheaply from Wilko.

c] You also need several plain dividers, which should be slotted to further divide your work between the 12 sections. These plain dividers will need to be numbered in line with the Portfolio Index.

Portfolio Paperwork

Once you have all three resources highlighted above. You then need to download your portfolio paperwork from the “Portfolio Files Module” located on the course home page..

Layout of Evidence

Please use the Portfolio Index which you can download under your Portfolio Files module. If you are submitting any videos they need to be on a memory stick. CD’s and DVD’s are not acceptable as they might not always play.

You need to put the memory stick in a plastic wallet and stick this to the front inside cover as highlighted below.


Your Responsibilities

1] Ensure you include all versions of your work. Make sure that you print in colour any work that requires you to do so such as “Proforma’s” or where you have been asked to revise your work and highlight changes in green.

2] You need to sign and date the front sheet of your work. Initials are acceptable for the other pages.

3] Please ensure you include all feedback and your individual learning plan documents. These should be signed and dated. Electronic signatures are not acceptable.

4] You need to use the feedback forms or any other relevant documents such as Progress Indicators (if applicable) to complete your Evidence Record Sheets. You are responsible for completing your Evidence Record Sheets, which you should also sign, and date. Please do not back date your work.

5] You need to complete all paper work such as “The learner and Summative Document”. Here you are expected to state the units you have completed and discuss about your learner journey.You need to state the assessments and coursework you have completed. You will also need to state the course activities you have participated in and declare your competency. You will also need to complete and submit your ‘Guided Learning Log’. Do not forget to include any learning logs, Guided learning logs and evidence your learning journey. Candidates on teacher training courses will also need to submit form 5 to declare their teaching hours. Ensure you also submit your planners and expert witness forms (If applicable).

6] Ensure any videos submitted demonstrates all your interactions. Both you and the candidates should clearly be seen. The video should also be on a memory stick as advised above.

7] If you require support with building your portfolio, you should seek guidance from your assessor or participate in course activities. Your work will be rejected if you have not followed our standardised procedures highlighted here.

8] Please refer to the Portfolio Check document, which is usually located at the back of your portfolio. This will give you an idea of the things moderators will be looking out for as part of quality assurance. You can self assess and ensure you have addressed all areas.

9] Your portfolio of Evidence is your property (We however hold the right to retain your work as part of our assessment, moderation, appeals and complaints procedures). You are responsible for submitting and collecting your work from our training centre. If posting your Portfolio of Evidence please ensure you do so using recorded post. If you are unable to arrange collection of your work from our Centre we can do this on your behalf. You will be responsible for all postage costs. You also need to look out for moderation dates which are published under the Notice Board. If your portfolio arrives late and had missed any of the dates it will be scheduled to be looked at the next moderation activity.

10] If you are not handing in your portfolio in person, you should post your work by recorded post to our Stoke On Trent Centre. We are not responsible for any work lost or when it gets here late after any set deadlines.