Getting Started

Getting Started

To successfully complete your course you need to meet all course requirements, which include meeting learning outcomes and assessment criteria. You also need to bear in mind; we deliver regulated qualifications, which have guidelines regarding contact time (guided learning) and the estimated duration for the course (total qualification time).

First Stage
Please familiarise yourself with our Candidate Handbook which contains information regarding our privacy, extenuating circumstances, equality, health and safety, appeals and complaints procedures.Vocational Learning Logo

We encourage you to visit “My VL” where you can access a range of information. Here you can change your password and update your personal information under ‘My Profile’. You can also access Forms and Examples, the Appointment Calender and information regarding learning logs, web conferences, roles and responsibilities.

Second Stage
courses menu
The second stage requires you to check everything is fine and you have access to your course. Please click on “Courses” above. You should be able to see your qualification title. Please click on “See more” to access your course. An example is provided below to show you how your courses might look like.
Course login Page

If you do not see any course/s displayed it means you have either not been allocated one or your course access has expired. If it has expired, please apply for reinstatement or an extension by following the guidance published on our home page. If you are yet to be allocated a course, please contact our centre support team (

Third Stage
Communication menu

The third task is to access the Communication and Assessments Centre (third link from the menu above).
Please go to Discussions. and respond to your “Welcome email”. There is also usually another email from your assessor introducing themselves and asking for a meeting.

At this stage, you are normally informed of the next induction date and offered an opportunity for a one-to-one induction if the scheduled session is not convenient.

Please give at least three to five dates and times when you are free. Inductions are compulsory for all our courses and form the basis of your assessment planning. This is where you can discuss your needs, assessments opportunities, prior learning, and course requirements. You need to have internet access during the induction and meeting.

Fourth Stage
The fourth stage is for you to respond to all the admin tasks set when you enrolled. You can find links for all the tasks by accessing your course and going to “Getting Started”. All the forms will be highlighted in green as the image below:
initial forms

Please ensure you complete your initial basic assessment as soon as possible. You will also be able to access the forms for applying for prior learning and your induction checklist.

Fifth Stage
forums menu
The fifth stage is to visit the forums and say “Hello”. The forum is a resource where you can get peer support, exercise your minimum core skills, meet guided learning hours, ask questions and learn from others. All announcements will be published under the forums.

The forums contain general and course-specific topics and can also be used as part of the assessment process. We look forward to interacting with you on the forums.

Sixth stage
events menu
Take an eye on our scheduled events by visiting our published events. This also contains the dates of our monthly face to face support sessions and internal moderation dates (when we audit your submitted portfolio of evidence).

Seventh Stage
Please read the information under your course including your course work. Remember as highlighted above, it is a requirement for you to demonstrate learning and actively participate in the planning and assessment process. All candidates who meet all course requirements will be signed off. All the best.