Data Protection

Vocational Learning Training is required to collect, hold and process personal information on students for various academic and related administrative purposes. This information will largely be provided by you on application. Regulatory bodies or their representatives have a right to access some information we hold about you! They might use some of this information to get in contact with you. Vocational Learning Training will confirm, update and enhance personal records as you progress with your course All personal information will be processed in accordance with Vocational Learning Training data protection policy which, in turn, enshrines the data protection principles as set out under the Data Protection Act 1998.

We take security very seriously. All staff are made aware of the security procedures they must follow when handling personal data. Please note that email is never a 100% secure way of communicating. By using it, you agree that you will send any information at your own risk. Whilst we take reasonable precautions to make sure that other organisations that we deal with have good security practices, we are not responsible for the privacy practices of those organisations whose websites may be linked to our services. Please note that there may be instances were we have to break confidentiality where there is a risk of harm to your self or others! We might also use some of the information you provide during disputes, investigations and litigation.

Processing Personal Data as part of your assessment

You are not usually expected to process personal data as part of your assessment. We recommend you follow the guidelines below:

  • You should remove client names from all written evidence such as case notes and evaluative commentaries.
  • Where observation of work is required, you should get your client’s permission to be observed in a way, which clarifies and respects their right to refuse.
  • Where tape recordings are used, you should get your clients’ permission for taping a session, and for the use to be made of the tape, in a way, which clarifies and respects their right to refuse. You must make it clear to the client that they can stop the recording at any time; ask for the tape to be destroyed immediately after the session and/or not to be forwarded to the assessor. If you have used a tape for assessment purposes, you should destroy it afterwards. Our Data Protection Policy is available on request.